About Us

Why us? Founded by the Poe Family in early 2017, Eclectic Fish Water Company – Paddle board rental and sales serving the Tampa Bay and Beaches. Offering some of the most premium of products in our fleet for your enjoyment and safety. We also provide leashes, paddles, rack pads and other accessories for your SUP paddle board, surfboard or kayak needs at solid prices

So why us? Not only do we have the best staff in the area to assist you, we also have a passion that drives our “why”. Not just just some old guy on the beach that needs a paycheck. The Eclectic Fish are our twins sons, Ethan and Evan that are on the Autism spectrum that have benefited greatly from surfing and paddle boarding. It has been life-changing for our family and we want to share our passion with others. That is why 10% of all rentals and sales from this site are donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping kids with Autism and other special needs. Allowing kids and their families experience the true magic of what surfing and paddle boarding can provide in a safe and family friendly environment. It’s personal and family affair for us. Feel free to contact us at any time! 813-428-3259 for questions, reservations and our favorite spots.